The SmartO&G project aims to promote a technological leap in the companies of the consortium that allows them to develop the necessary knowledge to supply new solutions for the UPSTREAM oil and gas extraction market.

The innovation of the SmartO & G project lies in designing new intelligent products (Tubes, Valves, Fixings, Flanges) compatible (Modular solution) from the development in:

  • Materials and their manufacture for:
    • Obtaining new metallurgically complex alloys, uniform microstructures, and with improved fatigue properties, corrosion resistance.
    • Protection solutions that allow the correct sealing, surface quality, etc.
  • Digitization:
    • Instrumentation for temperature monitoring embedded (printed) in tube.
    • Instrumentation for monitoring the corrosion rate embedded (printed) in tube.
    • Instrumentation for ultrasonic monitoring of mechanical stress.
    • Gas concentration monitoring system (H2S, CO2 and CH4) coupled (coupling).
    • Instrumentation for the identification of components in Upstream media. Feeding and reading of data in Upstream media.

The SmartO&G project focuses on addressing the needs of Basque companies in designing and manufacturing new modular "smart" solutions for the upstream sector of the oil and natural gas industry.

The SmartO&G project has an overall budget of € 5.6m and a duration of 33 months. The structure of the project proposes transversal actions, common to the identified areas (Materials, Instrumentation and its integration in the product, Data Acquisition and Communications and Research in real environment), in order to achieve the objectives of the project while moving forward. in the degree of maturity of the products.

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