Maintenance Strategies: Predictive and Corrective

Erreka Fastening Solutions is your partner in the definition of best maintenance strategy in the bolted joints.

Predictive maintenance strategy

Monitoring the load evolution over time, the joint maintenance operations can be scheduled when really needed.

Along the path of “zero maintenance”

The combination of two factors permit us to drastically reduce the maintenance of the bolted joints and in some cases to even completely eliminate this operation. For this we need:


Corrective maintenance before the damages increase.

Your asset is in a hard-to-reach area and the knowledge of the real state of the bolted joint is very important for you, Erreka recommends the remote monitoring of the real load.

In the Offshore fields the machines are spread out over a huge area. After a big storm and without the knowledge of each joint load, you are obliged to cover long distances to check all the turbines to find the failed one.

Our system permits you to screen the real load at a long distance and go directly to the failed joint before greater damages occur.

Monitoring the bolted joint load in a steady production process allows you to shutdown only when needed.